Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Dog Vs. The Tub

Before I start my simple little tale of something that cracks me up, I want to say that I've got lots on my mind lately. But, none of it is ready to be shared here yet. It's all still tumbling and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about everything yet.

Anyway, on to my story.

The other night, Ace and I were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. In comes Guillermo, interested in the room because that's where we were. As long as he's just outside the bathroom, I'm content to leave him be, but as soon as he steps into the bathroom, I start automatically telling him to get out. Then, the perfect phrase hits me.

M: Do you want a bath?

Guillermo, upon hearing that and seeing me move the shower curtain, runs as quickly as he can out of the room and into the living room (a mostly straight shot from the bathroom).

I, being the loving and caring pet owner, burst out laughing.

Sure enough, because we are still in the bathroom, in comes Guillermo again. As quickly as I can, I ask him again, "Do you want a bath?" Again, as quickly as possible, he runs out and into the living room.

Again, moments later, same thing, reaction and all. And again. The fourth time I'm asking him if he wants a bath, I can hardly get the question out, I'm laughing so hard.

Then, we've finished in the bathroom. I'm standing in the bedroom, waiting by the door as I want some cuddle time with Ace (the dog isn't allowed in for cuddle time, it's my time). Ace is standing just outside the bathroom, trying to convince the dog to go to bed. Guillermo, because he feels like he never has enough attention, wants to come into our room with us.

Ace, as a loving, caring pet owner, then asks Guillermo if he wants a bath. This time, Guillermo runs to the bedroom, by me, I guess hoping for me to save him from the evils of bathing (he likes water, but not the bathtub). I kick him out of the bedroom.

Then, Ace starts scratching Guillermo behind the ears. Now, Guillermo is happy, as he loves this. Then, Ace asks again if Guillermo wants a bath. Guillermo starts... well, it looked like jumping, because he doesn't want a bath, but he wants to keep getting attention. Then, because I'm leaning against the open bedroom door, laughing, Ace, while still scratching, asks Guillermo again. Same reaction.

Then, Guillermo got sent off to bed, Ace and I had cuddle time, and we giggled for a good 2 or 3 minutes over the whole thing.

We never had any intention of giving him a bath that night, but it's a good way to get him to leave the bathroom (and it always cracks me up). And he pretty much always reacts that same way, running away from an empty tub.

I guess when it comes to Guillermo vs. the tub, the tub wins.
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