Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Fixed, But Not

Saturday, I spent the day reformatting my hard drive (again). I got to my laptop at 10:50, and after briefly checking my e-mail, I got to work.

After 2 hours of letting my computer slowly reformat, I was ready to start adding back to my laptop again. I added back in my favorite web browser (because I'm like that). I added back in my anti-virus software (instead of the one that it came with). I added back in the Office products I'd use. Then, I set about adding my bookmarks again (smartly I had made a list).

Then, after more restarts felt strictly necessary throughout the process, I started adding games back to my computer. Since I'm currently not playing WoW (for various reasons, only one of which is financial), I skipped adding that back to my computer. That has left me plenty of space to add multiple other games that had been removed before for space for WoW (my hard drive just didn't have the space for all of them).

While I now have a better computer, it's still somewhat off. Some websites aren't showing up. Some games I like to play online aren't looking quite the same (they take up more room on my monitor than they used to).

So my computer, which was running rather slow, is fixed, except where it's not.

And now, I'm off to bed, as it is nearly 1:30 A.M. and Ace wants sleep before going to work tomorrow.

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