Saturday, May 8, 2010

The World Continues to Turn

Life is odd. Today, Ace and I are waiting, still, to hear back from somewhere he got called for a drug test and background check. Since we don't do drugs and he told them about his credit problems before hand, we have no doubts that we will hear back and he'll start training soon. Background checks can apparently take a while.

In the mean time, we are trying to keep busy with other stuff, life stuff. We are planning what we need to buy with money from his paychecks so that we can get back out on our own as soon as possible. It's a longer list than I would like it to be.

This month, neither of us expects me to get pregnant. We have trouble getting any time alone here in my in-laws house. The best times we have alone are in the car, going someplace. A car is not exactly romantic, so romance hasn't really been happening too much. I blame my shoulder in part for not helping in the little bit of alone time we have had.

It's frustrating to not feel like we're really at home. It doesn't seem fair, but there is little we can do right now. We are grateful that Ace's parents have taken us in, but we really never wanted to have to live here (again).

On the other hand, things are turning around. Ace does have a job that should guarantee us enough income to be on our own again. The job I may potentially get (with a library, yay!) should cover the costs of me having my own car. If that's all it does, we'll be satisfied. Most of the point would be for me to get job experience somewhere I would enjoy working.

2010 is looking up. Even if the up part feels like it's taking forever to get here (days are moving by a bit slow to me right now). Change is coming, but it's good change. Yay, change!
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