Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Long Wait & A Somewhat Minor Change

Earlier, Ace had an interview and was gone for almost 4 hours because of it. It turns out that there was a group part and then individual interviews and it took him a while to be called back for the individual part (and he didn't think to call and let us know he was waiting). It was a rather long 4 hours.

Then, a short while ago, my mother-in-law cut my hair. I finally have my hair much shorter, which makes me happy. I'd been wanting a haircut, but had been having issues with finding the money to pay someone to cut it (and I"m not brave enough to try to cut it myself). Ace and I were both nervous about the idea of him cutting my hair, so it was just pulled back and left that way for a long while.

And now, I have told you about the exciting parts of my day.
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