Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm currently thinking about accomplishments.

Let me clarify. I'm thinking about how weird it is that some accomplishments are easy to define (like I got my laundry washed and dried or I finished reading my book - both actually happened today) and how others are harder to define (like I figured out x, y, and z, but am I really sure about where I stand on them - totally didn't happen today).

I also am wondering about what my goals are.

I know one of my main goals is to get pregnant and then raise said children after successfully giving birth to them. And I'd like to raise them well. I want them to do good things and not be dependent on me for, well, anything.

But what are my goals after the kids are grown? I can see parts of the world while raising kids, so that's not so much a goal really far out. I can read whatever books I want around raising kids (the books won't be read as fast, but they will get read).

Why are all my current goals things that could be fully accomplished in the next 20 years?

And there I am slightly stumped. For now.

Maybe around then, I'll be ready for a cross country road trip, with some mix tapes (more likely mp3s or whatever is popular then). Or maybe I'll have a connection to someone I've never met before and learn their life history.

The important thing is, I know I have options, and I'm looking forward to figuring them out as I get there.

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