Monday, August 27, 2007

Advice for Everyone Part 2

Respect your body. This means keeping it decently covered in public. And listen to it when it tells you it needs a break. You can only go so long on adrenaline before you drop. Don’t push yourself that far.

People who spend more time at work than at home have one of two things going on: 1. They love their job. 2. They are avoiding something at home. More often, it will be number 2. This is a problem for their marriage.

Learn as much as you can about parenting before you do it. Then, jump in with both feet and your arms wide open. And remember, when you parent you are learning as you go. So is your child. This remains true for each additional child you add to your life. Each stage is the first one.

Start your own traditions, especially around holidays and birthdays. This is extremely important. You won’t always have your parents around to do their traditions. Besides, you should have your own traditions for your own family. And as much as traditions are important, they need to change as the family does.

Always remember to let the people you love know it. Even if it’s only a simple request that they stay safe. It will warm their hearts to know how much you care. And, stay safe, because I care about you!

Be patient with small children and geniuses. Small children are still learning. Geniuses sometimes have to talk or think things out. We both require some patience in dealing with our idiosyncrasies. We are doing the best we can.

Fall in love. Believe it will work out. But fall in love.

That's all for today.

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