Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Feature

Well, I know that I don't have much in the way of visitors right now (and may never), but I am curious about where you are. So, down at the bottom of the page, right above the counter for number of people who've visited, there is a map for you to add yourself. I know that Ace reads my blog, and I, of course, know where he lives, but he should add himself too. All you have to put is a name (preferably the one you comment with), city, and state. I'm not going to hunt anyone down, because that is creepy and I'm not interested in being creepy.

I finished Cheaper by the Dozen last night, and have moved on to Dave Barry's Money Secrets. It's full of funny and only half accurate information (his explanation of the economy is rather accurate. Not 100%, but close), which isn't surprising since that seems to be his style overall (I enjoy reading his work, but always take what he is saying with a grain of salt. Unless he's talking about bad songs, then I pretty much agree with him).

I should go. I've been somewhat bad today by not putting on a bra yet, and I'm pretty sure my back will complain later. If I put one on now, I'll save myself frustration later.

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