Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things (Mostly About Me)

Okay, I'm in a random mood, so today I will tell you random things about me.

1. There have been times, since I've been an adult, I have had nothing but ice cream for dinner.

2. The only bone, that I am aware of, in my body that has been broken is my upper jaw. My mouth is so small in size that it had to be expanded for me to get braces.

3. The perfect temperature range indoors, for me, is between 74 and 76 degrees. Any cooler and I'm cold; any warmer and I'm hot.

4. I've had 3 cysts surgically removed. 1 when I was 10 and 2 when I was 11. I still have scars (only 2, because the one removed when I was 10 came back and was re-removed).

5. I have only worn 3 pieces of jewelry regularly, my engagement ring, my wedding ring, and a necklace that Ace gave me for Valentine's Day. Currently, none of those are on my body (the rings don't currently fit comfortably on my fingers).

6. While I think the movie He's Just Not That Into You looks good (and I will probably watch it), I am glad that I found a guy and married him without all the hassles of trying to decode what he meant when he said anything. Ace is very, very honest, and for that I love him more.

7. I have a knack for turning onto a movie in the middle of it (when I'm not looking through the guide to figure out what I want to watch). Then, if I keep watching the movie, I start to hunt for when it will be on to see it from the beginning.

8. So far, I've pushed Ace into taking me to see both Chronicles of Narnia movies in the theater. I loved them both, but had some complaints about the second one (like the part that wasn't in the book... totally silly).

9. I have found several dresses (at different times) that when rung up have happened to be on sale, even though there was no obvious signs saying they were on sale when I chose them.

10. I cannot ride a bike. I just simply don't know how to do it.

11. Despite living in Oklahoma, I've never driven on ice covered streets. Either Ace takes us wherever we need to go when it's icy or I stay home.

12. Yesterday, I applied to work at DirecTV (at Ace's request). I don't know if or when I might hear back from them. I'm trying not to be nervous.

13. I went stag to my prom. My mom dropped me off and YzArC's then boyfriend dropped me back off at home. I went to church the next morning.

14. Ace and I met two days shy of 9 months before our wedding. We got married a year sooner than we originally planned. It wasn't because of pregnancy though.

15. Ace has a way of making me feel like I deserve to be with someone like him, which is great because my self-confidence took a beating before I ever met him (not by a guy, but by my mother).

16. Even though I try everyday to follow where I believe that God is leading me, I sometimes slip up (like I did yesterday). Then I'm thankful for a new day, as it is a new chance to try again and do better.

17. I am trying to look for the good things everyday, but some days it's harder than others. I still keep trying.

18. I've been to 10 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, and Missouri) and two foreign countries (Mexico and the Bahamas). I hope to see the world someday.

19. Some of my favorite cartoons are the old Bugs Bunny type cartoons. I think they should be shown more often.

20. In my bedroom, I have a board covered with things I want. This is so I can look at them and visualize myself having them. The oddest looking thing up there right now is some Christmas trees, but I'm hoping that by December I'll have a house big enough to have an actual Christmas tree.

21. Some day, I'd like to learn how to play the piano.

22. Ace and I plan on having all of our future children take ballet classes as well as karate classes (at least a year of each, preferably the same year).

23. I keep mentally drifting off to sleep as I try to think of 25 things to say. I think I should go to bed early tonight. And it's hard to come up with 25 things when you don't feel like you've done all that much with your life.

24. I love the Marx brothers' movies, mostly because they are so silly. In fact, most of the movies I enjoy the most are the older movies.

25. The 4 times I went to Mexico, it was to do construction work on church building (helping to build them). Yes, I went 4 times to Mexico (all during school vacations) to do physical labor. Those were some fun times and I had some of the best food ever while I was there. I would like to go back, but as an actual vacation next time.

There you go, 25 random things, mostly about me.

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