Friday, January 23, 2009


Last year, at New Year's, I made a resolution to be less sarcastic than I had been the year before. I actually kept that resolution (not as hard as it might originally seem, I had been really sarcastic during 2007).

This year, I made no such resolution.

I haven't been all that sarcastic though. Partially because of a lack of things to be sarcastic about (and I know I'm not showing good grammar, but I really don't care right now).

Jenna, who is wonderful, linked to a site where you could download a picture and find out which celebrities you look like. I decided to try, and apparently with the picture I used, I look like Janeane Garofalo. And I do, somewhat vaguely, look kind of like her. Which got me thinking about being sarcastic.

Of course, this site wasn't perfect, as it seemed to think that I resembled men over all (um... no, I don't). I think it's because all the pictures I have of me have my hair pulled back (and it wasn't looking for body types).

Anyway, back to my thoughts on sarcasm. It's slightly odd to think that this time last year I was struggling to stem the flow of sarcasm from my mouth (I was extremely sarcastic when 2008 started). Sarcasm seemed to drip from half the sentences I would say. Now, I use sarcasm with much less frequency (but seem to repeat myself a lot more).

I will admit that the whole process started (as does half the things I seem to do) to make Ace happy. He didn't like me being so sarcastic. He wanted me to take my words seriously. So, I did as he asked. He's put up with me slipping and being sarcastic and I've tried much harder to control my tongue.

And it's made him happier. Which, of course, makes me happier.
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