Saturday, January 10, 2009

How My Day Has Gone

My day has gone something like this:

7:22 am - Try hard to not fully wake up. Wish the dog next door would shut up already. Ace tells me he got the shift he wants when he changes shifts at the end of the month (same days off, just working mornings instead of evenings).

7:52 - Give up on getting any more sleep. Wish the dog next door would shut up already. Wonder what the penalty would be for either kicking or drugging the dog to get it to be quiet.

8:00 - Notice that suddenly the dog next door has quieted down. Hope it will last. Open laptop to check e-mail. Notice that Outlook is having problems connecting to the one e-mail address that it connects to (the one I pay for, naturally). Shut down Outlook. Restart Outlook.

8:02 - Notice that I can't sign into the website for that e-mail address either. Move on to check other e-mail addresses.

8:30 - Check main sight for paid e-mail account. Notice something about routine maintenance done between 1 am and 4 am. Shrug shoulders and figure it's gone over their intended time. Wish they had warned that they were doing maintenance for just this kind of situation.

10:00 - Close Outlook, as I am tired of it bugging me about not being able to connect to the e-mail service. Check main sight again. Find out that e-mail is down because of some hardware issue. Wonder why they don't have a redundant system built in. Feel out of sorts with e-mail provider (again).

10:01 - Move onto other things, like comics. Start feeling sleepy again. Start dozing off.

11:30 - Dog comes in, wakes Ace up to be let out. I finally wake up from unexpected nap. Wonder why I've been tired lately. Start reading blogs.

12:15 pm (roughly) - I let the dog back in and grab some smoked turkey. Then I try to ignore the dog staring at me while I eat the turkey and read blogs some more. Decide that I need to keep up with my bloglines better during the week.

1:15 - Ace wakes up for real. I inform him of the e-mail situation (he has an e-mail account with these people too). We discuss more pleasant things, like working out.

1:30 - We've worked out a schedule for what we want to do about exercise that should work pretty well most days. Feel happy. Will be exercising Mon. - Thurs., which should solve the pants problem fairly quickly.

2:00 - Ace makes pizza. Gets on WoW. We discuss what I'm doing this evening.

2:20 - Pizza comes out of the oven. I'm not hungry after my turkey earlier, so I let Ace eat the whole thing and get on Wow myself.

6:30 - Let the dog out. Go back to playing WoW as I only plan to be on for another few minutes. Eat the chicken Ace cooked earlier (for work for him and for dinner for me).

6:50 - Let the dog back in. Ignore him sniffing around the counter and head back to finish what I'm doing on WoW, because I'm really getting off in a couple of minutes, I promise.

7:30 - Finally get off WoW. Check e-mail to see if the one that was down is back up and to see if I got anything on the other accounts.

7:35 - Find out that I should, if they are right, have my e-mail back up at 11 Eastern. Decide that I don't fully believe them, as they should have kept this from being a problem after their last mess up.

7:36 - Compose a post about my day. Wonder how I can get such good news and such bad news within that short a time frame. Wish I had focused more on the good news throughout the day.

And now, I'm going to go back to watching comics telling jokes. If I don't, I think I may go grab some alcohol, and that is no solution to my frustration.

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