Friday, January 9, 2009

Bad Pants Day

Or I Need To Get Me To A Gym ASAP

I realized that I really need to work out and get back into shape today. I currently have 1 pair of jeans I can squeeze myself into. What has apparently surprised me is that eating fattening food and sitting around for most of the day has lead to me gaining a belly that won't fit into my jeans.

Ace has promised me that we can get me a pair of jeans that I am not squeezing myself into. He had originally planned on us going and joining a gym while he was off this week, but that didn't happen. So now, that is our plan for next week on his days off, finding a gym.

I have found a few things we should be able to do for little cost that should help us get into shape. Including an aerobics class that should be on Ace's days off that would be less than $40 a month for us to do together. There are also a few places we can go walk indoors for free and some fitness rooms for a reasonable fee.

So, while I'm having a bad day today, pants wise, I know we have plans on a way to get me back into my jeans again. And fitting in my pants is a good motivation for working out right now, so I'm less likely to join a gym and then blow off going.

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