Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Time of Reflection

I've been reflecting some today (while Ace is sleeping) about 2008. It was an odd year, but not the most memorable (seriously, only about one of these things happened each month and I had to push myself to think of them all).

I stopped working at both my jobs (at different times). I needed some time off so badly, I had thoughts that scared me (and Ace, and still make me uncomfortable). I got to visit with my sister for a day. Ace and I went to the Tulsa Home and Garden Show and enjoyed looking at the sand sculptures. Guillermo and I managed to dislocate my shoulder right before Ace and I went to visit my dad (he gave me a Vicodin for the pain, on my anniversary). The a/c went out in the house, twice. The a/c didn't work at the locations we went to for Ace's reunion. Serenity got wrecked. Guillermo ran away (right around my birthday, does he not like me?) and was returned a week later. I did NaBloPoMo and succeeded (and made a new friend in the process)! I survived Thanksgiving and Christmas with my in-laws (and other relatives). I changed my sleeping habits not once, but twice. Also, I got a new phone, which I may or may not have mentioned yet this year.

I think I hit all the big things (and a few of the small) that happened this past year.

The one thing I'm hoping for this year is to expand my family. Hopefully, in the next few months (if not the next few weeks), I'll be posting about being pregnant and all the fun things that go along with that.

So, raise a glass of juice with me to toast in this new year, which will hopefully be better than the last.


P.S.: I know this isn't the 31st of December or the 1st of January, but I'm being different. Just because I can.
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