Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Therapist

It's been a while since I've talked about Karen. Karen is many things to me. Karen is my friend. Karen is my massage therapist. Karen is my emotional therapist, too (usually, this happens while she is giving me a massage).

Karen is also the person who gave Guillermo to us. She came by today to pick him up and play with him, as it was a really nice day out and she wanted to spend it with him. I was happy for him to get some exercise and attention from someone who obviously loves him so much.

After Karen brought Guillermo back, she stayed to visit. And the topic turned, as it seems to always turn around her, to my mother. Tonight, she shared large sections of her past with me. And I, in turn, shared with her large parts of the reason why I no longer talk to my mother. And she gave me something to think and talk to Ace about (I'm not ready to talk about it here, yet).

And, now that she's gone, I'm feeling tired emotionally. It's hard to go through all this stuff and I usually avoid talking about it with Ace, as I'm fairly sure he's tired of hearing it (and most of the time, I don't think about it as I'm tired of it all too). She did help me see that right now I'm trying to change old habits.

I feel a little bit like I've gone through the wringer, but I'll be doing better emotionally now that she and I have talked. Kind of like how I feel when I get a massage from her, which I will also be doing soon.

Now, I think I'm going to lay down and probably go to sleep. Because I'm tired.

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