Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Job Hunt and Other Frustrations

Today has been a long day. Today I feel like life has decided that I'm not a special little snowflake, so it can come crashing down on me.

I, during a recession, am looking for a job (in Tulsa). I've got my resume sent to several places. I got a phone interview today and right now, that feels like the highlight of my day right now. Well, that and getting some grocery shopping done.

I also got a call about continuing my education (I will, when I can pay cash for it). That was a long call and I wanted to roll my eyes several times (why I didn't, I don't know... I mean, it was a phone call). The woman was trying to push me into starting online classes in a couple of weeks (uh, no).

Then, Ace and I made pot roast, but it didn't turn out as good as it did the last time I made pot roast (it was cooked too quickly, so it wasn't juicy and falling apart). We decided next time, we will definitely cook it on the slower setting for at least the first few hours.

During my aerobics class, I was hurting. 5 days for my muscles to recover from the last class and I was still hurting. That isn't a good thing. Also, my knee started hurting in class last Thursday, and hurt some while I was driving to and from class today.

When we went out to buy a knee brace, the first store we went to had something wrong with their computers as it kept saying that Ace owed money after swiping his debit card (even after putting back the candy bars that we didn't really need). Nicely, there was a new pharmacy across the street from the one we were at and we had no problems getting in and out quickly (and now my knee is wrapped to help stabilize it).

Then, because all this wasn't enough, Ace went through the mail and found that the company that does the payroll for DirecTV required him to resubmit a form by Feb. 13th (they sent the letter out on the 12th, after having it typed since late January). So, our withholding on his check is all messed up and I don't know what we need to do to fix it. So, today has been a long day!

Can someone please help me forget all my frustrations and problems?
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