Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making Plans for Dinners

Ace and I just had a nice long talk about what we need to do for eating dinners in the future. We've decided to save money by choosing to eat at home more and to cook more meals that will include leftovers for us to have another meal out of. We're also going to try to keep things like sandwich meat and hot dogs around for smaller meals and such.

We also plan on buying potatoes and mashing them ourselves instead of buying tubs of mashed potatoes from the store. Basically, we're going to be pickier on what foods we spend money on while still giving ourselves enough variety to not get too frustrated with repetition happening too often.

Despite the extra work this will create, I am excited about doing more cooking. And I'm excited about trying to recreate some of the recipes my mother made when I was younger to see if it tastes the same as I remember it tasting.

So, tonight we've made plans for future dinners. And that has made me happy.

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