Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh the Insanity!

Ace has decided that now would be a good time for him to find a new job. He is, however, keeping his job at DirecTV until he finds a new job. It's just that he's looked over my shoulder while I was looking online for a new job and thought that he was qualified for some of the jobs I was looking at and they pay more per hour than his current job does.

So, he's going to look, and we're going to each try to find a job from the same pool of potential jobs.

Doesn't this sound fun?

Hopefully, even if Ace is the only one to quickly find a job, it won't be that long until I find one too.

It feels a little crazy in my house right now. And not in the least because Guillermo keeps barking at... well, I don't know who. All I know is that I'm ready for Ace to get home from work and for things to settle down here for a little while.

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