Friday, February 6, 2009

My Second Aerobics Class

I didn't forget my promise to talk about my aerobics class today.

Well, I went, despite my sister's visit, to my second class. I was sore before I went and, not surprisingly, it hurt to do some of the exercises. Most of them didn't really hurt, but the squats and some of the leg lifts hurt a lot. And I almost teared up during the crunches (I skipped the last 4 of them, as I couldn't handle it any more).

So, my arms and legs, while slightly tender, aren't too out of shape. My butt, abs, and right hip on the other hand aren't doing quite as well. I still have trouble with keeping my breathing even throughout the class, but I did remember to bring water with me and was able to push myself throughout class, even though I'm glad to not have to go back until next Tuesday.

And really, if that's as bad as it will ever be, I can handle it.

So, now you know how I did/am doing with my aerobics class.

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