Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Massages Work Wonders

Today, Karen (my massage therapist) gave me a massage. Now, I'd like to take a nap, because I am all relaxed and that has made me sleepy.

But, you aren't here to hear that I am sleepy, you are here to find out why I didn't post yesterday or the day before. And most of the reason I didn't post is that I would have been whining again, and I hate doing that to you.

Yesterday something good did happen and I feel that I should mention it here and now. Yesterday, Ace took me to buy a new copy of the show Firefly, because our copy of disk 4 is somewhere else in the US (Ace let someone borrow it, we didn't get it back, and then they moved). He ended up having to drive us to 2 different stores to find a copy to buy, because the first store was sold out! So, we went way across town to buy a series instead of just finding the one disk we are missing on Amazon.

Today, I got a massage, and it has improved my mood significantly. But, I'm still trying to decide if I want to go take that nap, because extra sleep sounds nice.
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