Saturday, February 14, 2009

Losing Weight?

My stated goal right now is to lose weight, but tonight it didn't seem like that was the goal.

After Ace got home from work, he grabbed a little cash and ran to the convenience store because I was craving some peanut M&Ms (I don't usually like peanut M&Ms, but today I wanted them... but just a small bag). Then he came back home and I ate my M&Ms and he ate a brownie (because that was what he was craving) and we felt happy with our small bits of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

Then, we started watch The Princess Bride (we intended to watch it last night, but that didn't happen). After about 2 minutes, I paused the movie to ask what we were planning on doing about dinner. I was wanting us to cook a frozen pizza (what is up with the unhealthy foods I was wanting?) and Ace wanted us to eat this macaroni mix thing we made yesterday (Mac & Cheese, hamburger meat, corn, peas, and diced tomatoes with oregano and other spices). About halfway through, I started the oven for the pizza (because that's what I should be eating, right?) and Ace put it on a pizza stone and put it in the oven.

Then, around 9:30, he realized that I hadn't eaten any of the mix, which he cared about because it would help my body build the muscles back up (because they have been sore today, I really shouldn't have pushed myself quite so much Thursday). So he fixes me a bowl of it and I ate about half, possibly more.

When he went to buy my M&Ms, he got me 2 small bags, in case 1 wasn't enough. So, I've now eaten half of that.

Why do I get the feeling that Tuesday's aerobics class will probably go totally toward working off the excess food I ate tonight?

And shouldn't that bother me some?

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