Friday, February 27, 2009

My Big Question of the Day

Well, it's more like my big question for dinner tomorrow night, but here it is:

Should I have Tuna Alfredo or Chicken Alfredo?

In case you're wondering, yes we like Alfredo sauce here, but that wasn't really the main reason for my question. We have a tuna Alfredo mix and a chicken Alfredo mix and since we can't have any hamburger mixes (we have no hamburger) they are the most likely thing to fix for dinner tomorrow night.

So, I welcome your input (if I had any idea how to make a quiz, I would, but I don't). Ace's suggestion was to find out which one takes less time and make that, but I'd like at least one other opinion on the matter (and I don't currently have one).


P.S.: I sent my resume to six potential places to work yesterday (I sent it to 8, but 2 are already ruled out). I'm waiting to hear, but it may be Monday before that happens. So busy waiting.
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