Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Advice for Everyone (I Guess)

Earlier, I promised to share the advice I'm writing for my children/nieces/nephews/ anyone else. Here is part one of that advice.

Don’t ever fully grow up. This advice is one of the most important pieces of advice I could possibly give you, especially since so much of the world needs to learn it. This will keep you looking young for longer than you think it will as the truly young at heart look younger than they are.

Always try to look at something as a child does each day.

Listen to God. This is especially important when your mind and your heart say two different things (God speaks to your heart). If it’s God, it won’t change (and God has a really big time table).

Always, and I do mean always, keep your checkbook balanced. This will save you more problems than you realize.

Read. Read a lot of books. Try new genres. Try new authors. Explore. This will teach you more words (meanings and spellings) than you could ever imagine.

Don’t read the newspaper, except the comics. More importantly, don’t watch the news. You can find out the important things that are happening on the internet. And, there are many more happy stories there.

Education is important. Having said that, remember that there are many kinds of education. Some can be taught by others, which is the best way to learn when possible. Some can only be learned by doing, which can sometimes hurt. Don’t shy away from the lesson; it is there for a reason.

Not everyone you are related to is supposed to be in your life. Sometimes, it is better to create your own family. Listen to your heart to find out when that is. This is obviously the case when if it were anyone else people would encourage you to break off contact.
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