Monday, July 23, 2007

Out and About

Ace and I have been visiting my dad in Arkansas. As our visit comes to a close, I'm convinced that at some point, I must see The Simpsons Movie. I enjoy watching the show sometimes, but I feel the need to see the movie when I can.

To totally switch topics, there was a time I tried to write a book. I actually got seriously started on it, planned out quite a bit of it, but stopped for reasons I don't remember now. I think it had to do with school and homework. It was going to be a romance novel & mystery. I don't know if most people would have found it to be very good, but I really was enjoying writing it. Unfortunately for me, I've lost everything I had on that story, so I really have no way to go back to writing it.

Yeah, I'm done with the randomness now. I'm off to do something else.

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