Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dreaming of Others

So, the past 3 nights I've had rather vivid and memorable dreams. I mentioned the dream about the Crane brothers from Frasier (And I know that Niles ends up married to Daphne before the end of the series, so it's totally illogical. That, and I'm married already too). 2 nights ago, I dreamed that I was Veronica Mars and in my dream Weevil and Mac were dating. It was a dream that came out of no where (we haven't been watching Veronica Mars lately). Oh, and there was this weird college retreat where the students were pretending to be animals, but in male-female pairs (no sex going on, because my dreams only have me having sex). I was not actually supposed to be there, and was trying to convince the professor in charge to let me just observe (while not being totally weirded out).

Last night, I dreamed of another blogger. I was staying in her home (for some unknown reason) and that was apparently not the fist time I had done so. And I had relatives visiting her house (we were all eating Christmas cookies in March or April, it was very random. I even dreamed about her sons (but not her husband, oddly enough). I don't remember if Ace was there, but he should have been.

In dog news (since there is nothing to report baby wise in the slightest), Ace is the one who feeds Guillermo, plays fetch with him, etc. But Guillermo still stares at me while I'm eating as if I'm just going to give him the rest of my food (which is really stupid when I've just started eating). He seems to think that I will be the weak link on giving him food at the table if he stares at me long enough (which ends up with Ace telling him to leave me alone often when I'm eating). Guillermo seems to love me, despite the fact that I have little to do with him. Ace thinks that all male dogs seem to prefer women to men. I like Guillermo, but I deal with him strictly on my own terms (which means as little fetch as possible).

You are now caught up on my random dreams and my dog's love for me. I've got nothing else to write about right now, so I'm going to go back to my day.

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