Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Collections Calling

Ace and I are in a slight financial bottom right now. I'm not going to go through the details, because I'm trying to avoid anything remotely depressing. Suffice to say we have some collections people calling us. Ace talked to a woman for at least 15 minutes today who seemed to be missing the logical parts of her brain. She kept repeating the same things over and over, in an attempt to get a post-dated check (we know we have some money coming sometime this month, but aren't sure when that is yet). She wasn't getting anywhere with demanding answers from Ace and thought that point out my credit would get hurt too would change what he had to say (how many different ways can you say I don't have the money right now?). Ace ended up just hanging up on her after it became obvious that she wasn't really paying any attention to what he had to say. We've already told them several times that we will call them when we know the date we will be paid and give them a post-dated check at that time. Of course, they don't like hearing that.

Well, I've depressed myself some now. I'm going to go find non-food type ways of easing my mind.

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