Thursday, July 5, 2007

How We Met

I'm not talking about how any of my readers (the few of you that there are) got here, because other than Ace I have no clue. I'm talk about how Ace and I met (a story that most of my family doesn't know, but is rather interesting).

Ace, who I have to start with because he actually traveled more than I did for us to be able to meet, came down from Tulsa to celebrate his grandmother's birthday with her, his parents (they drove in their own car, separate from Ace), and at least one of his brothers. I have no clue what they did that day, but Ace's brother (who was just my friend at the time) invited him to go to a get together with the college/young singles group from his church. At first, Ace wasn't going to go, but he decided that he would since it was just burgers and fun.

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out what to wear, hating all my clothes, and not at all interested in guys. I had recently had a guy express some interest in me, but he was also actively seeking out other girls he thought he might like (he was supposedly searching for a wife). This guy and I had no actual relationship, but he could have mentioned to me that he was still talking to other girls too (that part is just a side note and really has nothing to do with the story). Anyway, I was wanting to hang out with my friends and be cheered up.

After I got to the get together (with several other people) I discovered my hopes were probably not going to come true, because there was a football game on that almost everyone was watching. I, personally, do not like football, so I was rather disappointed. I decided to sit a little ways away from the game and just relax. I noticed Ace when walking through the living room, mostly because he was the only person there I had never seen before. After a little while, some of the group who isn't as fond of football came over and started talking with me, including Ace's brother. Ace followed his brother over, mostly because he didn't care about the game either, and wanted to know who his brother was talking to.

Eventually, most of the group who was talking with me went somewhere else, leaving me alone with Ace. I noticed that he had finished his drink (I was also trying to see his name, since it was on his cup) and I offered to show him where he could refill his cup. He accepted my offer and followed me (according to him, it was partly so he could check out my ass). Ace and I talked a little more after we got done with getting drinks and then we played cards with his brother and another friend. The group started out with Ace and his brother playing on the same team, but Ace pointed out that since they knew each other well they probably shouldn't be teamed up. So, I made his brother switch places with me so Ace and I were on the same team. We only got through 3 hands of Spades before it was time for us to go, but we felt the chemistry starting then and it hasn't stopped yet.

And now you know the tale of how Ace and I met.

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