Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I've Learned This Past Week

1. My dog snores. Not loudly or regularly, but randomly and rather softly. But, he snores.
2. Mosquitoes made it through Oklahoma's rough winter. The ice and snow storms weren't bad enough to get rid of the mosquitoes.
3. Five days is long enough to get my hopes up, but not so high that they are crushed when I get a negative pregnancy test and my period within the span of 30 hours.
4. I may use a fake name for me, but I use my dog's real name on my blog (who is going to drive through Tulsa calling out for Guillermo and expect only my dog to answer?).
5. It's hard to own a dog sometimes. Like when you want to laugh at something funny and accidentally wake up the dog who isn't used to sleeping outside (but will have to do it through Monday night).
6. Right now, it's so not the heat, it is totally the humidity.
7. What you think will be a 5 minute trip to drop off a garage door opener can turn into a 45 minute trip that includes a look at a friend's shoes.
8. I'm going to enjoy having a quiet house as long as I can, but I'm looking forward to having kids.
9. Even though I'm ready for Guillermo to be past the puppy stage, I still want to get a puppy next year.
10. Some people keep choosing the wrong guys to date. They deserve better. And, while a hug won't fix it, they deserve a hug too.
11. Sometimes a free dog does not come with everything you need, even when you get food, bowls, and a toy with the dog.
12. I like to write lists. They make for easy posts.

Well, now you know some of the things I've learned this past week. Maybe I'll do this again sometime.

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