Friday, November 13, 2009

A Different Kind of Office Job

Or Weird Dream Ahead

Or Beware the Parenthesis Ahead

This morning, I dreamt that I was working in the office of MamaPop, a pop culture blog. The odd thing about it is that MamaPop has no office, as it is made of bloggers from several different areas and an office wouldn't be easily accessible by most of their writers.

Now, I wasn't a writer for MamaPop in my dream. I'm not sure why I was given a desk in their office since I wasn't working for them (although, dream me was hoping for an assignment when they were being passed out, even though I don't do much research on pop culture and therefore wouldn't be the best person for a job with them).

Also, I was the only one at a desk in jeans and a t-shirt, everyone else was wearing business clothing (which is odd, since most professional bloggers don't seem to get dressed up for writing).

So, I can only guess as to why I was working at the MamaPop office in my dream (there was a reason in the dream, but I don't remember it). Also in my dream, I convinced someone to at least go find out what they could make by blogging about technical products (something they would have been happier doing than working a below minimum wage job (no clue how that would happen) doing something they hated) for MamaPop (I don't know that they are looking for something like that). Unfortunately for me, I woke up before I found out if they were going to do it (also, they are a fictional character on a TV show, so it didn't really matter).

Yeah, my dreams are weird and awesome all at the same time.
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