Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. Today we honor those who serve/have served the USA by serving in the military.

It really doesn't seem like enough, giving them a day. They've given us more than just a day. Some of them have given their lives. Most, if not all, have given up time with their families to serve.

Yesterday, Ace and I were at the mall, looking for potential seasonal jobs. I kept noticing offers for discounts for people with military IDs. Springfield isn't too far from a military base, so those signs are probably there year round (I don't know, we haven't been here long enough for me to say with any certainty). While I like the idea, it doesn't quite seem like enough either.

How do you adequately thank people for giving up so much so that you don't have to? How do you thank their families for being willing to give them up, possibly forever, to protect all the rest of us?

However we're doing it, it doesn't seem like enough.

Thank you, veterans and active duty military people. I appreciate your service, all your giving. I pray that God watches over you and keeps you safe from harm. Thank you.
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