Sunday, November 22, 2009

Light and Easy

Today has been a good day. Today, Ace and I got up way earlier than I wanted to and went to church. We got to sit nice and close to the front, so there wouldn't be anyone distracting us.

And then, when we could have let the sermon seem like it was stepping on our toes, we instead looked at it as a gentle reminder of what we need to be doing so that our toes don't need stepping on.

Church lead to a nice discussion on the way home and a chance to work on forgiving Christians who have hurt us in the past, as we need to not carry hurt and anger around. It lead to us talking about our faith and how we've continually trusted God even when we were shaky on trusting Christians we didn't know very well. And how we feel like we can trust other Christians at our new church.

And then we spent a good portion of the afternoon playing World of Warcraft (Ace is still playing, which doesn't surprise me at all). And now I'm sitting here thinking that this has been a great day. We could use more days like this. And the only reason I don't feel like we have them is because of me focusing on the wrong things.

Today has been light and easy. Just as it should be.
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