Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great News

Today, Ace and I made a trip to Tulsa. When we got there, we picked up our mail, and we found out that the check we were waiting on were there (we knew it should be there, so it wasn't too surprising).

Tomorrow, we move again, but we're moving less stuff with us this time. Mostly, we're moving clothes, laptops, and the things we actually need (like an alarm clock and our CDs), but not all the books we've got (most are staying here at my dad's until we get to a bigger place).

We also found some stuff that I can do from home and hopefully make enough for me to support us, while Ace works outside the home for extra money for things like Christmas gifts & educational goals.

It should be an interesting month, since we've already changed our original plans greatly to these plans. We're just waiting to see if these plans are the ones to pan out.

But we're looking forward to seeing how it all goes.
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