Sunday, November 1, 2009


The first two years I remember seeing anything about NaBloPoMo, I was impressed with the people who were doing it. Then, last year, I decided to try posting every day for a month myself. To my surprise, and delight, I found myself posting and being relatively content with my posts.

This year, I struggled slightly in my decision to do NaBloPoMo again. It's a nice thing to do to challenge yourself and see if you can find things to write about, but I wasn't sure I was in the right frame of mind for NaBloPoMo this year. Then, I asked Ace what I should do.

He told me to do it, so I am.

And not just because he told me to, I did truly want to do NaBloPoMo this year, I just needed someone to push me a little so that I would go do it. Which is why I'm glad I've got Ace. He pushes me when I need him to and pulls me away when my willpower seems to be fading. And I do the same for him, which makes our marriage great. We help each other be strong.

Yeah... I think that last paragraph got a little away from me there.

So, here I am, trying again to do a post a day for 30 days. Let the good times roll.
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