Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ode to the Past

I'm posting a poem I wrote. I'm not loving all of it, there are some parts that need work and at least one rhyme that doesn't really rhyme. But I'm posting it anyway.

Ode to the Past

Your words cut me
To the quick
I still can’t fathom
What makes you tick

You pushed me out,
But never stopped.
You didn’t seem to care
Where I hopped.

Now I’ve left your nest
I’m trying to start my own.
If only your words
Would leave me alone!

What do you want from me?
What didn’t you get?
Don’t you remember
The ones you’ve got left?

Don’t talk to me.
Leave my head.
Because you don’t deserve
The love I’d give.

It hurts to think
Of you in my life.
Let me be
My husband’s wife.

From what I hear
You’ve pushed her too.
When no one’s left
What will you do?

If you change
It’d be real nice.
I’d expect it more
From some mice.

I doubt you’ll change.
It’ll haunt you.
I’ll stop looking back.
I’m already through.

The things you’ll miss,
All of me and more.
You won’t see me
Come back through your door.
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