Monday, November 23, 2009


If there is one chore I will gladly put off as long as possible, it is folding laundry. The only other chore I knowingly put off is washing dishes.

It's not that I just hate either chore. I'd just as soon not do them as my back tends to hurt by the time I'm done. And not surprisingly, I dislike causing myself pain.

Today, besides being a day I need to do laundry, I did dishes. Of course, just because I did dishes doesn't mean that I'm going to fold my laundry (I like my clothes clean, I like them being put away, it's just the step in the middle that I dislike so much).

While my back is now somewhat sore, it didn't actually take too long to do the dishes (which is nice, since I have to wash them all by hand). What made the task more pleasant was having warm water to wash the dishes in (cold water and hand-washing dishes do not go pleasantly hand-in-hand). The orange-scented dish soap didn't hurt either.

As I was stacking the dishes in the dish strainer thing (what is that called? I can't be bothered with looking it up just now), I was finding myself pleased that I'd actually done the dishes today like I had planned before I fell asleep last night (I originally intended to do them yesterday, but that plan didn't come to fruition).

And now I've bored you, dear readers, because I felt the need to talk about doing dishes. I've really got to get a more exciting life. But not too exciting, after all I'm liking the calm I've been feeling lately.

And now, I find I've run out of things to say about dishes (and my life, or lack of one). So, I think I'll find something else to occupy my time until I determine that it's time to do laundry.
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