Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Bras

It's getting to be time for me to buy some new bras.

I can tell because my current bras are giving me some not so subtle hints that they are worn out. The bra I'm currently wearing lost one of the hooks (it's got 5 more, so it'll stay in place). Also, I had to use some pliers to rearrange one of the hooks on this same bra this morning.

It's time for new bras.

But first, I have to talk to Ace about it. We need to decide how many to buy and where to get them from. I know that for now I'll be sticking with plainer bras instead of going for the really pretty ones (at my bra size, there is a noticeable price difference). I don't really need my bras to look pretty right now, I just need them to do their job.

But, it's time to get me some new bras.
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