Friday, November 20, 2009

My World... Rocked

Today I got some news that has rocked my world. My brother is moving in with my dad. Tomorrow.

I'm happy. He needs the discipline and structure that he'll get at our dad's house. He'll have our step-mom to be there to listen and give him the love he needs. He'll be required to shower and clip his nails regularly, so he might, potentially, find a girl who likes him.

I'm in shock, because my mom swore she would never let this very thing happen. It was one of the things that sticks out most from the last time I talked to her, so long ago. I'm guessing my brother just decided he wanted to move, so he is. If so, good on him.

But for now, I'm waiting for my world to stop rocking so much.

P.S.: Yesterday I had a bad day, mourning for things from the past. Today I'm feeling and doing much better. Even if I am shocked by how things are changing.
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