Friday, November 27, 2009


Lately, I've been going back over old hymns I remember from years and years of singing. I've been looking at what the lyrics say and comparing it to what I know the Bible says.

Some of my favorites, the ones written in the late 1800s, are the ones that follow closest to what the Bible says. That makes me happy, because if I'm singing to or about God, it should be something that agrees with what God said about himself.

Some songs seem to offer comfort to me, as they are familiar at a time when things seem to be so different than what I'm used to. Some songs offer me encouragement, they remind me what God has promised. Some songs surprise me, I find more faith in them than I originally expected to find.

That's not to say that I haven't found some disappointment in looking a hymns too. There are a few too many that seem to have been written based on how people expect life to be, because of what they are seeing, instead of what the Bible tells them life should be. The writers seem to not have much faith in God doing what he said (or much faith in God, period). It doesn't seem right that those songs have found their way into the mix with songs full of faith and God's word.

I know that I've been talking about God a lot lately. Part of it is posting every day this month. I'm finding that I'm posting about what I've been focusing on, which has been the Bible. Part of it is the fact that I've been focusing on the Bible. I've been stirring myself up in my most holy faith and it's come shining out.

And I think I like that. It's what seems right for right now. Maybe we all need a little more light in a world that seems determined to drown us in darkness. Maybe it's God, trying to reach out and touch someone (probably me).
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