Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to be thankful, so I'm going to write (or type) out a list of things I'm thankful for having in my life.

1. God. I really shouldn't have to explain this any more than that, should I?

2. Ace. My love. My sweetheart. The man who does very little for me to ever complain about (seriously, the only real strong complaint has to do with socks, and it's just because I have issues with dirty socks). The man who can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. The only person I'd want to live in a somewhat small hotel room for more than a night or two with.

3. Hot water. Oh, how I'm loving having hot water again. I've had more baths to soak since we got here than I ever have in a month before. It's still a wonderful and exciting thing to have. I kind of hope that it always will be, so I remember to be thankful for it.

4. Time. Right now, it feels like we've got nothing but time. Time to play games, time for sex, time for sleep, time to listen to good preaching and teaching.

5. New experiences. Ever since we've moved to Springfield, everything seems like it's new and different. Even the things I'm used to us doing or having. And that's nice right now.

And that is just a short list of things that I'm grateful for today (there are other things, but these are the ones I'm willing to share currently).
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