Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dog in the Closet

Last night, Ace went to bed early. He took Guillermo with him, because I was eating and didn't want the dog to stare at me (it bothers me, I'm not sure why).

When I came to bed, I looked around for the dog after opening the door, since I couldn't see him at the foot of the bed. It turns out he was sleeping in the closet (which for some reason is tiled, but is currently covered with blankets). Then it took a little while for me to stop giggling about the dog coming out of the closet in order to go to sleep (because my sense of humor has been hanging around with teenagers without me, I guess).

Today, I'm still finding it to be a little silly. Because last night, I watched the dog come out of the closet (giggle giggle giggle).

And now I've destroyed this image of a woman ready to have kids in all your mind. You're welcome.

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