Saturday, June 21, 2008

Making Peace (with Mac and Cheese)

I have a history with Mac and Cheese. It took me (I think) three tries to finally make Mac and Cheese end up like it's supposed too (fully of noodle-y goodness, with no tears shed in the process).

The first time I tried, I forgot to drain the noodles. It was too watery to eat. In my defense, I was making two different dishes at once, and I just forgot the draining step.

The second time I tried, I ended up remembering to drain the water, but ended up burning the tops of my feet with the water, as the sink I was trying to drain into was too full of dishes to be used properly. I cried and ended up having to wear sandals for the evening because I couldn't stand to have the tops of my feet being touched (I really didn't like the sandals, but I had to wear something as I wasn't getting to just stay home).

Nicely, the next time I can remember (several years later) making Mac and Cheese, I did so with an sink that had nothing but the strainer in it and I successfully made the dish.

It's funny, because I am normally quite skilled in the kitchen and can cook several different things without making mistakes like I did while trying to make Mac and Cheese. I guess it was just a dish that my mind had problems with (even though spaghetti was never a problem).

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