Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sometimes Boys Are Gross

Ace and I have been fortunate enough to not normally have to share a bathroom (he generously let me have the half bath that is actually part of our bedroom). Currently my toilet is not fully functional (it doesn't stop itself from flushing). Until we get it fixed, we're sharing a bathroom.

Now Ace is normally a wonderful, thoughtful husband. He puts the toilet seat down. He helps with laundry. He does most of the cooking. Seriously, I have almost no complaints about him at all (and none that are serious).

But cleaning his bathroom usually includes cleaning the floor around the toilet. Which leads me to thinking that sometimes boys are gross. Extremely gross. And I don't like the smell.

So, I'm trying to get over it, and hoping that by the time I have boy(s) old enough to use the bathroom by themselves, I'll also have someone else to clean their bathrooms.

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