Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Despite feeling random the last time I was hot, I'm feeling talkative this time.

While Ace and I were at the mall, we walked around the women's department of JC Penney's (otherwise known as the upper level at this mall). He happened to notice twins in a stroller (I barely got a glimpse of one baby, partly because Ace was closer to them than I was). He remarked that they were cute, but he wants to have kids one at a time.

It was a good comment, because he hasn't fully been on board on this baby-making thing from the time I was (he was willing to try, but nervous about the finances). He seems to finally be in the place where it will be a completely and totally good thing if I was to get pregnant.

It's got me really hoping that this time we'll have accomplished our goal of propagating the species (in really simple terms, I'll be pregnant). It would make this month much better, because it's not been just peachy so far (what with all the heat and a/c problems).

Speaking of the heat, it's got me not eating as well or as much as I should (I keep finding myself light headed, which isn't a good thing). I just don't want to eat warm stuff, but we don't really have anything that would taste good cold that isn't sweet. It's a conundrum that will be fully solved when our a/c is finally fixed and I fully cool off.

Okay, I think I'm doing better now that I've gotten that off my mind.

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