Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a Party Over Here!

We have our new compressor installed and our house is cooling down! All that's left for our a/c guy to do is put in some freon and we'll be good for a good long while. I'm voluntarily wearing clothing (um, yeah... that sounded better in my head)!

In addition to all the a/c stuff this week (Ace and I both agree that we should have bought the fans we got last night the first night, they really got us feeling kind of cold), Ace's birthday is this weekend. With the not sleeping well because of the heat, he's taking the day off from work and we're celebrating his birthday (before going to bed and sleeping in the nice cold house).

Yesterday was the toughest day in the heat. It was extremely humid as well as just hot. We actually got out of the house and just drove around for about an hour to let me cool off in the car. Then, after we got home with the fans, the power went out for a couple of hours, which made us feel even more miserable, because we didn't have a halfway cool house to start off with. It was a long 2 hours, but we made it through. Then we spent a lovely night with fans cooling off and sleeping (seriously, those fans rock on moving air, as both fans were on the lowest setting and we were feeling somewhat cold).

Well, I should go. There are things to do around here that I can't do from behind a computer screen (or in bed).

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