Thursday, June 12, 2008


Way back when I was about 14, I had braces put on my teeth. Because of an extremely odd situation, I ended up having my orthodontic work done 200 miles from where I lived (there was a move planned when it was ideal for me to get braces, and then the move never happened). Every month I got to sit 8 hours in a car (4 hours each way) to get my braces adjusted. The car rides weren't fun, and it didn't help that we normally had to leave before the sun came up in order to make it to my appointment on time and still get back home.

I had very little choices when it came to the braces, but each month, I got to choose the color of bands holding the wire in place. I matched colors with the holiday of the month (green in March for St. Patrick's Day, red and green in December for Christmas, red and pink in February for Valentine's Day).

I've been thinking about this, because I just found out that my cousin is working in my sister's orthodontist's office. And I'm happy for them to get a chance to see each other more often. I'm also happy that my sister doesn't have to have 8 hour car trips for straight teeth, but instead she just has to travel across town.

And that's pretty much all I've got to say.

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