Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Made It Through!

May is not my favorite month. I don't hate it, but it's definitely not among my favorite months (other than weather-wise, usually). So, I'm rather happy with myself for making it through the month without contacting my mom (since I'm not speaking to her) and not just hiding in bed for the whole month (most of Mother's Day weekend, but not the whole month).

I'm now just waiting for it to be a week from now to find out if we made May a better month by getting me pregnant. In the mean time, I'm using how I treat the dog to get used to the idea of how to treat a kid (mostly on saying no and sticking to it and being patient while the dog is being annoying). It's going okay so far, but it's also only been happening for a couple of days. It'll get easier, right?

I'm going to go now, because the only other things I have to say aren't full sentences.

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