Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Tale of Heat Part 2

Well, what a difference a day makes. Today, we got the fan fixed on the a/c.

Unfortunately, when the fan got fixed, the compressor broke. We're working with our a/c guy and our insurance agents to get a new compressor. But we've got to wait until tomorrow to get back in touch with our insurance (but they will definitely pay to replace it).

So, it's still warm in our house. But, it should be fixed soon (hopefully in the next two or three days, depending on the insurance company). Until then, our house is being cooled by the wind and the fans.

We're spending most of our time in the bedroom, because it is the coolest room in the house (there is a fan pretty much directly over the bed). We also spent some time at the mall to cool down some.

But for now, it's still fairly warm in the house. I'm looking forward to getting goose bumps from the a/c again, whenever that happens.

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