Saturday, June 14, 2008

Losing the Stress

Ace has mandated that I not watch movies like V for Vendetta late at night any more. Mainly, he wants me to stop watching movies that stress me out right before bed (not that I think V for Vendetta stresses me out, but I'll go with it). He's tired of me waking up with a sore back, unable to do much.

And I agree with his sentiments on wanting me to be able to move. I just think he's blaming the wrong thing. My back problems didn't pop up the day after I watched V for Vendetta, but on the day after I didn't have a clean bra and moved around heavy loads of laundry. But if it makes him happy, I won't watch V for Vendetta close to bedtime. It's a small sacrifice, and I can easily handle it.

Next time, I'll just watch a comedy instead. Less stress, more laughter, at least that's the theory.

On the plus side, after some time in a massage chair and some all natural muscle relaxant (and having on a bra), I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not wanting to move laundry or load the dishwasher (I'd like to keep my back feeling good), but I'm able to sit and bend over and walk without looking like I've got a board strapped to my back (which kind of negates the bending over, now that I think of it).

Well, I'm off to find another comedy to watch (and then I'll move into the bedroom, where I can be more relaxed).

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