Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Confussion?

The past 2 years (at least), my in-laws have given me, as part of my Christmas gifts, a stuffed animal. While I like stuffed animals this practice confuses me, as I have never said anything to them about wanting them to give me stuffed animals (truthfully, I'd rather Ace or I pick out those stuffed animals, thanks).

Last year, I think that Ace's sister-in-law also got a similar stuffed animal, but I'm fuzzy on that. I do know that my niece and I got duplicate stuffed animals the last two years (this year, Ace's grandmother also got one).

My theory, and this is just a theory, is that since Ace and I haven't provided a child they've decided that I should get whatever stuffed animal they would give that child. I'm just not sure what they think giving me stuffed animals will accomplish.

So, I would love to hear your theories as to why I am receiving animals that I would never have picked out on my own. What possible message could they be trying to send?

P.S.: It was either post about this or talk about doing dishes. I'm fairly sure the dishes thing isn't interesting to anyone, myself included (even though I've been the one doing them).
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