Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Which I Prove to Still Be Somewhat Clumsy

Ace, the wonderful love of my life, bought me something to make my life easier. He got me a laptop cart thing that can slide under the bed so that I can use my laptop without having to put it on my actual lap. He put it together and asked me from time to time what I thought of it. So far, I'm still not sure how I feel, but we'll see if it stays with me.

I was moving myself (and my laptop cart) from the living room to the bedroom. I decided to not keep pushing it with my juice on it so that I wouldn't spill (and to move something out of the way). Instead, I tripped over part of the base portion and stubbed my toe (I'm icing it now, as it still hurts). I also spilled part of my juice (nicely, none of it hit my laptop).

To add to the "fun", I almost fell over trying to put some pajama pants on.

Yeah, I really need to be more careful of where things are in relation to where my body is. Until then, I'll make sure to keep things around to icing down my unintended injuries.

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