Friday, December 5, 2008

Lessons Learned and Other Randomness

Looking back on my posts for the month of November, I've found that I'm satisfied with all but 3 of them. Which works out to being happy with 90% of my writing for the month. Also, it means that roughly 10% of the time, if there isn't a post, it's because I don't have anything to say. So, it was a good experiment.

On a completely different track, I'm trying to start doing yoga (by DVD, which isn't the best way possible, but it's what I can do for now). Karen, my massage therapist friend, suggested that I do that as a way to get more relaxed over all (so it would be easier on her when she gives me massages). It's been interesting, and so far, I've spent way too much time just watching the DVD, realizing that I need to get in better shape. And Guillermo likes to get in my face when I'm down at his level.

Ace and I, in an attempt to show some Christmas spirit around the house, have hung up stockings in the living room. The dog does not have his own stocking, but I'm fairly sure he doesn't care. I'm hoping for a house big enough for a tree by next Christmas.

I spent 10 minutes today cleaning stuff off the floor from my side of the bed. I didn't realize I had so much stuff down there. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with my 2 blankets (1 for when it's cold and 1 for when it's just me that's cold) when they aren't in use so they won't be in the way of my laptop tray thingy (the one I injured my toe on the other day).

Now that I've gotten some of my words out, I'm going to go do something I promised Ace I would. Because I'm a woman of my word.

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