Sunday, December 7, 2008


And now, the winner for the freakiest thing I've done lately (possibly ever)...

Randomly crying when Ace made a joke earlier.

I was practically bawling. And the only thing to blame is hormones, because normally I would have rolled my eyes or laughed and moved on with my day.

I'm still wondering about what could have possibly set me off like that. On the plus side, I felt better afterward (when I calmed back down and we watched Johnny Dangerously).

I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with me tearing up at holiday commercials and Christmas specials (I teared up while watching Frosty and Crystal get married, which is a somewhat silly thing to tear up over).

Ace is starting to wonder if I might be pregnant (my period isn't due to start for another 24-72 hours). I'm just wondering if I'm getting all emotional like I did when I was a teenager (The week before my period, anything could make me cry or make me angry for no real reason. I scared my dad a couple of times by crying at one of his jokes because he had bad timing.) and am really hoping that I'm not. It wasn't fun the first time around and it hasn't happened in years.

So, yeah, I'm trying not to be freaked out by my random emotional outburst earlier and have moved on to trying to joke about it. I'm not sure that any of this is reassuring Ace that his wife is still sane.

If you have any suggestions on what could help me continue to be sane, please let me know.
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